Children are key

When it comes to advertising, there is always a certain group the company is aiming to reach. For frozen yogurt, that group is families with young children. Frozen yogurt companies aim their advertisements at this group because they claim to be family friendly companies.

In this Franchise Chatter article Casey Cooley, head of franchise sales for Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, talks about his success with Sweet Frog. As the head of franchise sales, he knows a thing or two about advertising. He says that catering to children is key because they strive to be a happy place for young children. Also, the self-serve concept means that it is more fun for children to be able to pick out exactly what they want. Not only this, but have you noticed that all these frozen yogurt shops have really clean and bright displays? Yeah, well that is probably to grab the attention of people, especially little kids. When they see the bright pink or green or blue through a glass window, the kid is going to want to come inside the frozen yogurt shop to see what is going on. And then the parents will want to come inside the frozen yogurt shop to keep their kids happy and tear-free. This method of advertising might not be intended, but it works.

Here is a commercial for the frozen yogurt company Yobe. Notice they use bright colors and happy images here as well to draw the attention of a younger crowd? Effective advertising is what makes the world of business go round! More good advertisements, more customers, more money, better economy.

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica


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