This is officially my last post about frozen yogurt and the economy. So in conclusion, here is a brief summary:

The trend of frozen yogurt is positively affecting the economy by creating employment oppurtunities, curculating more money, and getting more business through effective advertising.

Frozen yogurt is creating employment because there are new frozen yogurt stores opening up all over the place. Each store hires roughly 15 new employees, so that adds up! Great franchising oppurtunities are available for anyone, which means that it is very easy to get started on becoming a franchisee yourself and hiring your own employees. Obviously, a growth in jobs is good for the economy!

Frozen yogurt helps circulate more money in the economy because it is getting people to spend money they possibly wouldn’t have otherwise. Successful companies like CoolBrands and franchises like Menchies and Yogurtini are making more and more yogurt to keep up with the growing trend of frozen yogurt, and so more and more people are buying it and spending money, also good for the economy!

Frozen yogurt is so successful partially because of great advertising. Most frozen yogurt companies do a good job maintaining an inviting and family friendly enviroment and work hard to appeal to kids. Their good customer service is helping keep frozen yogurt successful! And this successful advertising means that more fro-yo is purchased, so there is more money and more jobs and more good things for the economy!

I feel that I have been repetitive but that is because this is a big cycle of good for the economy! Now, I’m going to go eat some fro-yo. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something!

Happy reading and eating- Erica


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