This is officially my last post about frozen yogurt and the economy. So in conclusion, here is a brief summary:

The trend of frozen yogurt is positively affecting the economy by creating employment oppurtunities, curculating more money, and getting more business through effective advertising.

Frozen yogurt is creating employment because there are new frozen yogurt stores opening up all over the place. Each store hires roughly 15 new employees, so that adds up! Great franchising oppurtunities are available for anyone, which means that it is very easy to get started on becoming a franchisee yourself and hiring your own employees. Obviously, a growth in jobs is good for the economy!

Frozen yogurt helps circulate more money in the economy because it is getting people to spend money they possibly wouldn’t have otherwise. Successful companies like CoolBrands and franchises like Menchies and Yogurtini are making more and more yogurt to keep up with the growing trend of frozen yogurt, and so more and more people are buying it and spending money, also good for the economy!

Frozen yogurt is so successful partially because of great advertising. Most frozen yogurt companies do a good job maintaining an inviting and family friendly enviroment and work hard to appeal to kids. Their good customer service is helping keep frozen yogurt successful! And this successful advertising means that more fro-yo is purchased, so there is more money and more jobs and more good things for the economy!

I feel that I have been repetitive but that is because this is a big cycle of good for the economy! Now, I’m going to go eat some fro-yo. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something!

Happy reading and eating- Erica


Children are key

When it comes to advertising, there is always a certain group the company is aiming to reach. For frozen yogurt, that group is families with young children. Frozen yogurt companies aim their advertisements at this group because they claim to be family friendly companies.

In this Franchise Chatter article Casey Cooley, head of franchise sales for Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, talks about his success with Sweet Frog. As the head of franchise sales, he knows a thing or two about advertising. He says that catering to children is key because they strive to be a happy place for young children. Also, the self-serve concept means that it is more fun for children to be able to pick out exactly what they want. Not only this, but have you noticed that all these frozen yogurt shops have really clean and bright displays? Yeah, well that is probably to grab the attention of people, especially little kids. When they see the bright pink or green or blue through a glass window, the kid is going to want to come inside the frozen yogurt shop to see what is going on. And then the parents will want to come inside the frozen yogurt shop to keep their kids happy and tear-free. This method of advertising might not be intended, but it works.

Here is a commercial for the frozen yogurt company Yobe. Notice they use bright colors and happy images here as well to draw the attention of a younger crowd? Effective advertising is what makes the world of business go round! More good advertisements, more customers, more money, better economy.

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica

Cheesy advertising

Advertising has a lot to do with the success or demise of a company. Companies and stores NEED to have effective advertising in order to be successful. How a compnay displays itself in an advertisement says a lot about a company. You guys should know this and undertand the importance of successful advertising.

That is why it comes as no surprise that frozen yogurt companies have been so successful partly due to great advertisements.…0.0…1ac.1.yB_-d9WnxYM

Here is a video from YouTube of a Menchie’s commercial. It is so insanely cheesy I honestly laughed. But, it is effective! Through this commercial Menchie’s is saying “Hey, we are family friendly! We are a fun place to go! We will put you in a good mood! We have good costumer service!” Isn’t that the vibe they were going for? I bet you moms are watching this commercial and subconciously thinking to themselves that they should take their kids to Menchie’s. Or at least that Menchie’s a good family-friendly place to be. Regardless, Menchie’s successfully came accross as a good frozen yogurt place through this cheesy and effective advertisement.

In this Franchise Chatter article (linked above) with TCBY Franchisee Rick Green, he talks about some effective advertising he has done to be successful. He actually will take little samples of the fro-yo to companies in the same area as his TCBY to spread the news about his store and let them see what he has to offer. Good idea, right? This is a sneaky way to advertise and lure people in as new customers. It also showcases his great customer service.

It is throught effective advertisements like these showing the customers family friendly and good customer service attitudes that frozen yogurt places like Menchie’s and TCBY continue to be successful. This is how they are getting more business and getting more money around, AKA helping the economy once again.

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Happy eating and reading! -Erica

More than leg warmers

It is hard to describe fro-yo without using the words “latest trend”. Everyone loves it! Especially with the current health craze going on, frozen yogurt is a decadent but healthier dessert. Much like how in the 80’s the fad of leg-warmers meant that a lot of people bought leg-warmers to fit in and therefore put more money into circulation that wasn’t there before, frozen yogurt is doing that today.

Above is a YouTube video from Daily Iowan TV, which appears to be the student news station for the University of Iowa. They are talking about a frozen yogurt place in town that a lot of the students love to go to for entertainment with their friends. Also, it fits well with the tight budgets of college students. Frozen yogurt appeals to people of all ages, from college students to families.

Speaking of family friendly, that is one of the goals of Menchie’s. In another interview with Franchise Chatter, CEO Amit Kleinberger says, “A frozen yogurt franchise is part of a growing billion-dollar industry. It’s a concept that appeals to the entire family.” Menchie’s works hard to be involved in the community and keep up the appeal to a diverse customer. Frozen yogurt is the latest fad or trend currently, similar to what leg warmers were, but it seems to be so much more than that in the long run. The health benefits from the pro-biotics in the frozen yogurt and the endless possibilities of combinations and the friendly enviroment are truly what keep the company running. As Kleinberger says as well, it is these things that matter more in running a compnay than the specific numbers. Menchie’s and other frozen yogurt places are obviously doing something right, just look at thier success!

So in conclusion, being part of the “latest trend” means that frozen yogurt appeals to a diverse population and therefore continues to be successful, making more money, therefore circulating more money in the economy. And everyone stays happy!

Here is the link for the Franchise Chatter interview with Kleinberger:

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica

Increasing is nice

You know how I said in my last post that despite problems with currency exchange that CoolBrands was still a successful company? Yeah, well I wasn’t exaggerating.


Above I inserted the link for an article from the Toronto Star from December of 2003 talking about how CoolBrands in the prior year gained a lot of important business in the US from companies like Godiva and Haagen-Dasz. From their successful year, their quarterly earnings were higher than expected. Much higher. CoolBrands had an increase of $5.7 million in net profit from the same period the year before (2002). Their quarterly revenue rose $67.6 million dollars from the year prior, a jump of 78%. All of these numbers are better displayed in a chart that I created, also inserted above.

CoolBrands is a very successful company with a great background story of two brothers working hard. From their quarterly (and just in general) increases in revenue and profit due to growth, the CoolBrands company can continue to expand and serve more people. And like I’ve been saying, more business and more product means more that the customer will buy, so more money is being circulated throughout the economy. Yippee!

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Happy eating and reading! -Erica

Exchanging goods, exchanging profits

Alright, so now that I have given you some background information on CoolBrands we can get more into the nitty-gritty details. Since CoolBrands is a Canadian based company but does a lot of business around the world (about 80 countries total like I said before), they have to deal with the difference between currencies. I didn’t realize before that this would play into how much money a company makes, but it does if you think about it. I always assumed money is money, but that’s not necessarily the case I am beginning to realize…


Inserted is a chart comparing Canadian dollars to 1 U.S. dollar (USD) for this past month. Since CoolBrands does a lot of business in the United States, it would be helpful to their company for the USD to be worth about the same as the Canadian dollar. If it is worth less, then any business done in the United States would not make them as much money as if it were done in Canada, but if the USD is worth more, then they will actually be making more money. The exchange rate between countries is something that affects a lot of companies and is closely watched.

Here is an article from the Toronto Star in 2004 talking about how due to the exchange rate between the USD and Canadian currency, CoolBrands didn’t make quite as much money as expected. In fact, if the exchange rate had remained consistent with the year prior, according to CoolBrands, the annual revenue would have been 11% higher. Even though that blows for CoolBrands, this is a problem they will consistently have to deal with and they are still successful despite this setback.

Basically the point I am trying to make in this post is that even though the exchange rate can cause problems for some companies, they are still creating a product that consumers continue to buy and therefore are putting money into the economy. So you know what CoolBrands, deal with your little exchange rate problems, because we, as your customers, still love fro-yo and are going to buy it no matter what.

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica

CoolBrands is a cool brand

Now that I have covered about how fro-yo creates employment oppurtunities I can move on to the second part of my thesis regarding the benefits of frozen yogurt on the economy! I am going to talk about how the frozen yogurt trend is putting more money in circulation in the economy, which is a good thing. I’m going to be doing a lot of talking about CoolBrands, a frozen yogurt and ice cream company based out of Canada. So let me give you some background:

Above is the link for an article I found detailing the history and growth of CoolBrands International Inc. I’ll share some facts with you now too. CoolBrands was founded in 1985 by brothers Aaron and Michael Serruya when they were only 19 and 20 years old! They liked the frozen yogurt concept and worked hard to create their own franchise concept. They finally opened their first fro-yo shop in 1987 called Yogen Fruz. They have been very successful, opening 100 franchises in only three years, and now they have nearly 5,000 franchises in 80 countries world-wide!


Inserted is a graph I created showing how spread out the Yogen Fruz stores are around the world. I went to the Yogen Fruz website and counted how many states or provinces Yogen Fruz stores were in in each country and that’s how I created the pie chart. I only included 18 countries in the pie chart though because it would be nearly impossible to include all 80 countries in one chart! Also, it was hard to find all of that information. But I think you get the idea. I awknowledge that some countries have a lot more states or provinces than other countries and so it looks like they have a lot more Yogen Fruz shops than other countries when they really don’t (Canada really has more Yogen Fruz shops than the US), BUT I still think this is a pretty accurate display showcasing how diverse and spread out Yogen Fruz shops are. It’s pretty incredible.

So this post is to give some background for the upcoming posts about how buying fro-yo is putting more money into circulation for the economy. Get excited. I think you can still see where I am going with this concept though. Similar to Menchie’s and Red Mango, the growth of CoolBrands and thus Yogen Fruz means they are expanding to a wider audience, so more is being bought, so more jobs are created, so even more stores are opened, so even more fro-yo is purchased, so more money is going around in the economy! It’s a never ending cycle of joy and prosperity.

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Happy eating and reading! -Erica