More than leg warmers

It is hard to describe fro-yo without using the words “latest trend”. Everyone loves it! Especially with the current health craze going on, frozen yogurt is a decadent but healthier dessert. Much like how in the 80’s the fad of leg-warmers meant that a lot of people bought leg-warmers to fit in and therefore put more money into circulation that wasn’t there before, frozen yogurt is doing that today.

Above is a YouTube video from Daily Iowan TV, which appears to be the student news station for the University of Iowa. They are talking about a frozen yogurt place in town that a lot of the students love to go to for entertainment with their friends. Also, it fits well with the tight budgets of college students. Frozen yogurt appeals to people of all ages, from college students to families.

Speaking of family friendly, that is one of the goals of Menchie’s. In another interview with Franchise Chatter, CEO Amit Kleinberger says, “A frozen yogurt franchise is part of a growing billion-dollar industry. It’s a concept that appeals to the entire family.” Menchie’s works hard to be involved in the community and keep up the appeal to a diverse customer. Frozen yogurt is the latest fad or trend currently, similar to what leg warmers were, but it seems to be so much more than that in the long run. The health benefits from the pro-biotics in the frozen yogurt and the endless possibilities of combinations and the friendly enviroment are truly what keep the company running. As Kleinberger says as well, it is these things that matter more in running a compnay than the specific numbers. Menchie’s and other frozen yogurt places are obviously doing something right, just look at thier success!

So in conclusion, being part of the “latest trend” means that frozen yogurt appeals to a diverse population and therefore continues to be successful, making more money, therefore circulating more money in the economy. And everyone stays happy!

Here is the link for the Franchise Chatter interview with Kleinberger:

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica


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