Cheesy advertising

Advertising has a lot to do with the success or demise of a company. Companies and stores NEED to have effective advertising in order to be successful. How a compnay displays itself in an advertisement says a lot about a company. You guys should know this and undertand the importance of successful advertising.

That is why it comes as no surprise that frozen yogurt companies have been so successful partly due to great advertisements.…0.0…1ac.1.yB_-d9WnxYM

Here is a video from YouTube of a Menchie’s commercial. It is so insanely cheesy I honestly laughed. But, it is effective! Through this commercial Menchie’s is saying “Hey, we are family friendly! We are a fun place to go! We will put you in a good mood! We have good costumer service!” Isn’t that the vibe they were going for? I bet you moms are watching this commercial and subconciously thinking to themselves that they should take their kids to Menchie’s. Or at least that Menchie’s a good family-friendly place to be. Regardless, Menchie’s successfully came accross as a good frozen yogurt place through this cheesy and effective advertisement.

In this Franchise Chatter article (linked above) with TCBY Franchisee Rick Green, he talks about some effective advertising he has done to be successful. He actually will take little samples of the fro-yo to companies in the same area as his TCBY to spread the news about his store and let them see what he has to offer. Good idea, right? This is a sneaky way to advertise and lure people in as new customers. It also showcases his great customer service.

It is throught effective advertisements like these showing the customers family friendly and good customer service attitudes that frozen yogurt places like Menchie’s and TCBY continue to be successful. This is how they are getting more business and getting more money around, AKA helping the economy once again.

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Happy eating and reading! -Erica


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