Yogurtini and Red Mango

This is going to be my final post about the employment benefits frozen yogurt brings to the economy, so pay attention. Again, I will breif on how easy it is for anyone to become a “franchisee” so with that and the rise in popularity of frozen yogurt, there are lots of employment oppurtunities popping up!

Above is a link for a YouTube video called “Yogurtini Franchise Opportunities”. In this video a couple of owners talk about the benefits of being a franchisee in the Yogurtini company. They talk about how helpful the Yogurtini company was from helping them to choose location, to helping them advertise. David, one of the franchisees in Lee’s Summit, MO, talks about how the Yogurtini compnay always answers when he calls a couple of times daily. Although the frozen yogurt business does not consist of many counterparts, every person in the company works well together to keep the business successful.


Here is the link for an article from Franchise Chatter about the success that the fro-yo company of Red Mango has experienced. In just 5 short years since their first store opening, they opened their 200th store this year. Crazy, huh? Red Mango was founded by Dan Kim in 2007 here in America after Kim had seen the success that frozen yogurt companies were having in his native country of Korea. Obviously it has been pretty successful for him here in America too! In a previous post I talked about how rapidly Menchie’s had grown due to their great success, but they aren’t the only ones. Frozen yogurt companies in general are very successful because of the popularity of the product. So with the increasing demand leading to increasing success in addition to the ease of becoming a franchisee, lots of new employment oppurtunities are available! And it’s pretty obvious that employment is good for the economy.

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica


Cameron Garner: making fro-yo by day, creating jobs by night.

Today I am going to continue talking about how frozen yogurt is so kindly giving us jobs. In my previous posts I mentioned job creation under the context of the ease at which someone can open their own fro-yo shop under one of the main franchises and how rapidly new frozen yogurt stores are opening up around the world. In my last post about Menchie’s I talked about all the jobs being created by opening all these news Menchie’s locations. I am going to talk about that again today.


Above I included the link for an article I found on CNN Money from August of 2011 about Menchie’s. This guy, Cameron Garner, is awesome. He co-owned three Menchie’s stores at the time this was written and by the end of the year (2011) he planned to finish up construction on three more and own six total. That’s not all though! By the end of 2012, he hopes to have 10 locations! That’s a lot! And his stores aren’t even all in the same state. His locations will be between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Through all of his success and new store openings, he has been on a hiring spree. Woohoo!



These are two graphs that I created about all the jobs that are being created through Garner. The first graph shows the jobs that 55 jobs were created total between his first three stores and now with the addition of a fourth store, he will have created 73 jobs total. Keep in mind that these are full and part-time jobs, hiring people of all ages, which is even better! The second graph shows the growth in jobs that can be expected through his next store openings. The article says that for each location Garner will bring on 12-18 more employees. So for the purpose of this graph, I went with 15 jobs per location, a number that is right in the middle. Way to go Cameron Garner!

So to conclude this post, I talked about Cameron Garner’s success through the Menchie’s franchise. His success is benefiting others by creating jobs- at least 100 by the time all ten of his stores open! Job creation is obviously a good thing and helps the economy, so fro-yo is helping the economy yet again!

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Happy eating and reading!


Menchie’s is everywhere

Hello everybody! So back to talking about how the trend of frozen yogurt is helping the economy. Last time I talked about how frozen yogurt is creating employment through the ease of opening your own store through one of the franchises. Today, I will talk about that more and how these frozen yogurt companies are expanding as a result.

More specifically, today my focus is going to be on Mechie’s. Some background information for you: Menchie’s opened their first store in 2007. Menchie’s was started by Dana and Adam Caldwell and the word “Menchie” means a joyful person in Yiddish. Since their opening, Menchie’s has won several awards for their success in the frozen yogurt market. In July 2010, Restaurant Business Magazine ranked Menchie’s #1 on their Future 50′ list rating Menchie’s as the fastest growing restaurant franchise with a 748 percent growth.



Inserted are a couple of graphs I made documenting Menchie’s growth through their number of locations. The first graph is about the number of stores total for each year and the second graph breaks that up into number of states and countries. You might notice the graphs skip 2011. That is because although I assume there was growth in the year of 2011 and many more locations opened during that year, I could not find any data as to how many exactly. But you get the point nonetheless. Basically the graphs show that Menchie’s is steadily growing as a business. Since their business is growing so much, that means their employment oppurtunities are as well! With every store that opens, that is maybe 15-20 more jobs available. Menchie’s had the goal for the year of 2012 of adding 120 more locations and being in all 50 states. With 2012 coming to a close, I don’t know whether or not they have reached that goal. But if they were to meet the goal and indeed open 120 more locations this year alone, and let’s go on the low side and say 15 jobs per store, that would be 1,800 new jobs! In this year alone! By one frozen yogurt company! I think you get my point.


Here I just included the link for a website called Franchise Chatter. Here they have all sorts of articles and interviews for people looking to open a store with a franchise. They can go to this website and get all the information they need to compare and contrast franchises and figure out which one is the best fit for them. Lucky for me, on Franchise Chatter they have a thing called “Fro-Yo Files” where they compare and contrast a bunch of frozen yogurt franchises. This link should take you to an interview Franchise Chatter had with Amit Kleinberger, the CEO of Menchie’s. He briefly talks about the growth of Menchie’s and what he thinks makes them so successful. I will go into parts of this article more in-depth in later posts, but what I wanted to mention here was that by the end of 2011, Menchie’s was the largest self-service frozen-yogurt company IN THE WORLD. Crazy, right?! Kleinberger attritbutes Menchie’s success with the good customer service they are known the give. Regardless of how it’s done, Menchie’s is obviously doing something right.

That is all I have for this post. But to summarize: I’m saying that Menchie’s rapid growth is creating jobs because the more stores that are open, the more jobs that need to be taken up by people of any age. Pretty simple, right? Fro-yo is the best. Happy reading and eating!

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It satisfies the soul

Okay, so we all love fro-yo.  I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t.  Whether your town has Mecnhie’s, Red Mango, Yogurtini, or some other fro-yo franchise, I think we can all agree that frozen yogurt has officially become a fad.  Or is it more than that?  Only time will tell.  But so far most of these franchises have been open for less than 10 years.  I think one of the reasons frozen yogurt is so popular currently is because it corresponds directly with the latest health craze.  It seems like everywhere I go I am being attacked by advertisements in magazines, on the streets, or on the TV about a new gym open or NIKE wear or a really skinny model staring directly into my fat American soul!  So people love frozen yogurt because it can satisfy their fat needs while being a healthier option.  Therefore, people keep buying frozen yogurt and it continues to be popular and affecting the economy. 

Here is my main point for the whole blog series (so pay attention):  The trend of frozen yogurt is positively affecting the economy by creating employment opportunities, circulating more money, and getting more business through effective advertising. 

Frozen yogurt is creating employment in multiple ways.  What I will talk about now is the ease at which anyone (Yes, ANYONE) can open their own frozen yogurt store through any of the franchises. 

Inserted above is the link to a YouTube video about opening a franchise for Cherry On Top.  Hopefully the link works.  If not, the video is called Owning a Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt Shop (clever title, right?).  You can search it on YouTube and it should show up.  In the video Rob Steinberg talks about owning a Cherry On Top in Huntington Beach, CA.  He says that Cherry On Top follows a perfect business model because frozen yogurt is popular and people love the option to serve themselves.  Because of the great layout and cutting edge technology, business has been successful.  Also, getting gourmet flavors at modest pricing allows business to still thrive regardless of the current economic state.  Steinberg goes on to talk about how the corporate offices of Cherry On Top have always been there to help him.  They always take his calls and were even there helping out on the day his store opened. 

Because of this ease and the success that one can expect when opening a store of a frozen yogurt franchise, that explains why so many have been opening up the past few years!  Since these franchises are so easy to open, that is creating lots of new employment oppurtunities not only for the people opening the stores, but for the staff they will need to hire! 


Inserted here is a graph of the number of locations for four different fro-yo franchises: Cherry On Top, Menchie’s, Yogurtini, and Red Mango.  Most of these franchises are even interantional!  That means frozen yogurt is helping the economy globally, if you want to stretch it that far.  Who knew so much good could come from something so delicious? 

Basically, what I am trying to get across in this post is that because it is so easy to open a frozen yogurt franchise due to corporate help, a lot of fro-yo stores are popping up everywhere.  Since there are more fro-yo stores opening, that means there are more jobs being created.  So hopefully all my rambling paid off and you get the point.  Fro- yo is not only delicious, it is creating jobs. 

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica





Hello!  My name is Erica and I am creating this blog for my high school economics class.  I love to eat and ice cream is one of my favorite foods.  Since frozen yogurt is the latest fad it seems, I decided to combine my love for fro-yo together with the economy for my project.  So here in this blog I will be analyzing the different ways the economy is being affected by the fad of frozen yogurt.  I will try not to make it too boring!  Also, I’m new to blogging so feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions!  Happy eating and reading!