CoolBrands is a cool brand

Now that I have covered about how fro-yo creates employment oppurtunities I can move on to the second part of my thesis regarding the benefits of frozen yogurt on the economy! I am going to talk about how the frozen yogurt trend is putting more money in circulation in the economy, which is a good thing. I’m going to be doing a lot of talking about CoolBrands, a frozen yogurt and ice cream company based out of Canada. So let me give you some background:

Above is the link for an article I found detailing the history and growth of CoolBrands International Inc. I’ll share some facts with you now too. CoolBrands was founded in 1985 by brothers Aaron and Michael Serruya when they were only 19 and 20 years old! They liked the frozen yogurt concept and worked hard to create their own franchise concept. They finally opened their first fro-yo shop in 1987 called Yogen Fruz. They have been very successful, opening 100 franchises in only three years, and now they have nearly 5,000 franchises in 80 countries world-wide!


Inserted is a graph I created showing how spread out the Yogen Fruz stores are around the world. I went to the Yogen Fruz website and counted how many states or provinces Yogen Fruz stores were in in each country and that’s how I created the pie chart. I only included 18 countries in the pie chart though because it would be nearly impossible to include all 80 countries in one chart! Also, it was hard to find all of that information. But I think you get the idea. I awknowledge that some countries have a lot more states or provinces than other countries and so it looks like they have a lot more Yogen Fruz shops than other countries when they really don’t (Canada really has more Yogen Fruz shops than the US), BUT I still think this is a pretty accurate display showcasing how diverse and spread out Yogen Fruz shops are. It’s pretty incredible.

So this post is to give some background for the upcoming posts about how buying fro-yo is putting more money into circulation for the economy. Get excited. I think you can still see where I am going with this concept though. Similar to Menchie’s and Red Mango, the growth of CoolBrands and thus Yogen Fruz means they are expanding to a wider audience, so more is being bought, so more jobs are created, so even more stores are opened, so even more fro-yo is purchased, so more money is going around in the economy! It’s a never ending cycle of joy and prosperity.

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Happy eating and reading! -Erica


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