Yogurtini and Red Mango

This is going to be my final post about the employment benefits frozen yogurt brings to the economy, so pay attention. Again, I will breif on how easy it is for anyone to become a “franchisee” so with that and the rise in popularity of frozen yogurt, there are lots of employment oppurtunities popping up!

Above is a link for a YouTube video called “Yogurtini Franchise Opportunities”. In this video a couple of owners talk about the benefits of being a franchisee in the Yogurtini company. They talk about how helpful the Yogurtini company was from helping them to choose location, to helping them advertise. David, one of the franchisees in Lee’s Summit, MO, talks about how the Yogurtini compnay always answers when he calls a couple of times daily. Although the frozen yogurt business does not consist of many counterparts, every person in the company works well together to keep the business successful.


Here is the link for an article from Franchise Chatter about the success that the fro-yo company of Red Mango has experienced. In just 5 short years since their first store opening, they opened their 200th store this year. Crazy, huh? Red Mango was founded by Dan Kim in 2007 here in America after Kim had seen the success that frozen yogurt companies were having in his native country of Korea. Obviously it has been pretty successful for him here in America too! In a previous post I talked about how rapidly Menchie’s had grown due to their great success, but they aren’t the only ones. Frozen yogurt companies in general are very successful because of the popularity of the product. So with the increasing demand leading to increasing success in addition to the ease of becoming a franchisee, lots of new employment oppurtunities are available! And it’s pretty obvious that employment is good for the economy.

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica


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