Cameron Garner: making fro-yo by day, creating jobs by night.

Today I am going to continue talking about how frozen yogurt is so kindly giving us jobs. In my previous posts I mentioned job creation under the context of the ease at which someone can open their own fro-yo shop under one of the main franchises and how rapidly new frozen yogurt stores are opening up around the world. In my last post about Menchie’s I talked about all the jobs being created by opening all these news Menchie’s locations. I am going to talk about that again today.

Above I included the link for an article I found on CNN Money from August of 2011 about Menchie’s. This guy, Cameron Garner, is awesome. He co-owned three Menchie’s stores at the time this was written and by the end of the year (2011) he planned to finish up construction on three more and own six total. That’s not all though! By the end of 2012, he hopes to have 10 locations! That’s a lot! And his stores aren’t even all in the same state. His locations will be between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Through all of his success and new store openings, he has been on a hiring spree. Woohoo!



These are two graphs that I created about all the jobs that are being created through Garner. The first graph shows the jobs that 55 jobs were created total between his first three stores and now with the addition of a fourth store, he will have created 73 jobs total. Keep in mind that these are full and part-time jobs, hiring people of all ages, which is even better! The second graph shows the growth in jobs that can be expected through his next store openings. The article says that for each location Garner will bring on 12-18 more employees. So for the purpose of this graph, I went with 15 jobs per location, a number that is right in the middle. Way to go Cameron Garner!

So to conclude this post, I talked about Cameron Garner’s success through the Menchie’s franchise. His success is benefiting others by creating jobs- at least 100 by the time all ten of his stores open! Job creation is obviously a good thing and helps the economy, so fro-yo is helping the economy yet again!

Bibliography for this post:
“Hiring: Yes. No. Maybe So.” CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 11 Aug. 2011. Web. 07 Dec. 2012. .

Happy eating and reading!



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