Menchie’s is everywhere

Hello everybody! So back to talking about how the trend of frozen yogurt is helping the economy. Last time I talked about how frozen yogurt is creating employment through the ease of opening your own store through one of the franchises. Today, I will talk about that more and how these frozen yogurt companies are expanding as a result.

More specifically, today my focus is going to be on Mechie’s. Some background information for you: Menchie’s opened their first store in 2007. Menchie’s was started by Dana and Adam Caldwell and the word “Menchie” means a joyful person in Yiddish. Since their opening, Menchie’s has won several awards for their success in the frozen yogurt market. In July 2010, Restaurant Business Magazine ranked Menchie’s #1 on their Future 50′ list rating Menchie’s as the fastest growing restaurant franchise with a 748 percent growth.



Inserted are a couple of graphs I made documenting Menchie’s growth through their number of locations. The first graph is about the number of stores total for each year and the second graph breaks that up into number of states and countries. You might notice the graphs skip 2011. That is because although I assume there was growth in the year of 2011 and many more locations opened during that year, I could not find any data as to how many exactly. But you get the point nonetheless. Basically the graphs show that Menchie’s is steadily growing as a business. Since their business is growing so much, that means their employment oppurtunities are as well! With every store that opens, that is maybe 15-20 more jobs available. Menchie’s had the goal for the year of 2012 of adding 120 more locations and being in all 50 states. With 2012 coming to a close, I don’t know whether or not they have reached that goal. But if they were to meet the goal and indeed open 120 more locations this year alone, and let’s go on the low side and say 15 jobs per store, that would be 1,800 new jobs! In this year alone! By one frozen yogurt company! I think you get my point.

Here I just included the link for a website called Franchise Chatter. Here they have all sorts of articles and interviews for people looking to open a store with a franchise. They can go to this website and get all the information they need to compare and contrast franchises and figure out which one is the best fit for them. Lucky for me, on Franchise Chatter they have a thing called “Fro-Yo Files” where they compare and contrast a bunch of frozen yogurt franchises. This link should take you to an interview Franchise Chatter had with Amit Kleinberger, the CEO of Menchie’s. He briefly talks about the growth of Menchie’s and what he thinks makes them so successful. I will go into parts of this article more in-depth in later posts, but what I wanted to mention here was that by the end of 2011, Menchie’s was the largest self-service frozen-yogurt company IN THE WORLD. Crazy, right?! Kleinberger attritbutes Menchie’s success with the good customer service they are known the give. Regardless of how it’s done, Menchie’s is obviously doing something right.

That is all I have for this post. But to summarize: I’m saying that Menchie’s rapid growth is creating jobs because the more stores that are open, the more jobs that need to be taken up by people of any age. Pretty simple, right? Fro-yo is the best. Happy reading and eating!

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