It satisfies the soul

Okay, so we all love fro-yo.  I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t.  Whether your town has Mecnhie’s, Red Mango, Yogurtini, or some other fro-yo franchise, I think we can all agree that frozen yogurt has officially become a fad.  Or is it more than that?  Only time will tell.  But so far most of these franchises have been open for less than 10 years.  I think one of the reasons frozen yogurt is so popular currently is because it corresponds directly with the latest health craze.  It seems like everywhere I go I am being attacked by advertisements in magazines, on the streets, or on the TV about a new gym open or NIKE wear or a really skinny model staring directly into my fat American soul!  So people love frozen yogurt because it can satisfy their fat needs while being a healthier option.  Therefore, people keep buying frozen yogurt and it continues to be popular and affecting the economy. 

Here is my main point for the whole blog series (so pay attention):  The trend of frozen yogurt is positively affecting the economy by creating employment opportunities, circulating more money, and getting more business through effective advertising. 

Frozen yogurt is creating employment in multiple ways.  What I will talk about now is the ease at which anyone (Yes, ANYONE) can open their own frozen yogurt store through any of the franchises. 

Inserted above is the link to a YouTube video about opening a franchise for Cherry On Top.  Hopefully the link works.  If not, the video is called Owning a Cherry On Top Frozen Yogurt Shop (clever title, right?).  You can search it on YouTube and it should show up.  In the video Rob Steinberg talks about owning a Cherry On Top in Huntington Beach, CA.  He says that Cherry On Top follows a perfect business model because frozen yogurt is popular and people love the option to serve themselves.  Because of the great layout and cutting edge technology, business has been successful.  Also, getting gourmet flavors at modest pricing allows business to still thrive regardless of the current economic state.  Steinberg goes on to talk about how the corporate offices of Cherry On Top have always been there to help him.  They always take his calls and were even there helping out on the day his store opened. 

Because of this ease and the success that one can expect when opening a store of a frozen yogurt franchise, that explains why so many have been opening up the past few years!  Since these franchises are so easy to open, that is creating lots of new employment oppurtunities not only for the people opening the stores, but for the staff they will need to hire! 


Inserted here is a graph of the number of locations for four different fro-yo franchises: Cherry On Top, Menchie’s, Yogurtini, and Red Mango.  Most of these franchises are even interantional!  That means frozen yogurt is helping the economy globally, if you want to stretch it that far.  Who knew so much good could come from something so delicious? 

Basically, what I am trying to get across in this post is that because it is so easy to open a frozen yogurt franchise due to corporate help, a lot of fro-yo stores are popping up everywhere.  Since there are more fro-yo stores opening, that means there are more jobs being created.  So hopefully all my rambling paid off and you get the point.  Fro- yo is not only delicious, it is creating jobs. 

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Happy reading and eating! -Erica




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